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FRANdata Accredited Franchise Lawyer Program

The Australian Franchise Registry lists the names of lawyers that have been accredited by FRANdata Australia Pty Ltd (“FRANdata). FRANdata grants accreditation as an Accredited Franchise Lawyer to suitably qualified and experienced lawyers who meet its accreditation criteria.

The primary purpose of accreditation is to assist FRANdata in the conduct of its franchise document vetting and verification program. 

Accreditation is conditional upon:

  1. the submission by the Applicant of a duly completed Application Form;
  2. confirmation of support for the Applicant from three nominated referees (only one of whom can be a business partner of the Applicant);
  3. payment by the Applicant of the initial accreditation fee;
  4. input from FRANdata's Legal Consultative Committee;
  5. satisfactory completion of FRANdata’s assessment program relating to franchising law and practice (which includes a written examination) and FRANdata’s document vetting and verification processes as set by FRANdata; and
  6. FRANdata being satisfied in its sole and absolute discretion that accreditation should be granted to the Applicant.

For more information on the program and details on the next intake please contact info@thefranchiseregistry.com.au or call 02 8346 6093

FRANdata Accredited Franchise Lawyers


  • Ramsey Andary - DMAW Layers


  • Derek Sutherland - HWL Ebsworth


  • Phil Colman - MST Lawyers
  • Stephen Giles - Norton Rose Fulbright
  • Nick Rimington - Norton Rose Fulbright
  • Fleur Shaw-Jones - Norton Rose Fulbright


  • Tamra Seaton - MDS Legal


  • Corinne Attard - Holman Webb
  • Maija Kerry - Norton Rose Fulbright



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# The registration fee is non-refundable and covers all administration and delivery costs for the Certificate of Registration. Please refer to our full Terms & Conditions .