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To register and obtain a Franchise Registration (FRUNS) Number, franchise systems must:

  • complete the online application process below; and
  • provide a copy of the current Franchise Agreement and Disclosure Document for the franchise system; and
  • pay the initial registration fee fee $500 (plus GST), plus
  • pay the initial filing fee fee of AUD $450 (plus GST).
  • Annual filing of documents ($450 p.a.plus GST) is required to maintain registration status


2020 Registration Offer (Now closed)

The Australian Franchise Registry™ is now providing free standard registration for Australian franchisors being assessed under The Australian Franchise Rating Scale meet the requirements of registration. (Standard registration includes the allocation of a FRUNS number and inclusion on publicly accessible online registry).

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Standard Registration


Registration enables franchise brands to evidence base level compliance with the franchise code. It also enables the publication of a brand profile including their logo, key facts and contact details. The creation of an optional lender profile is  available to participing members for an additional fee.

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# The registration fee is non-refundable and covers all administration and delivery costs for the Certificate of Registration. Please refer to our full Terms & Conditions .