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Registered Franchise Lending Program

The franchise lending specialist program is provided over a series of three half day workshops. The workshops are offered in each capital city and will include presentations from key subject matter experts.

A short open book exam will be completed after each workshop to confirm comprehension of key items and to support admission to the registry’s list of franchise lending specialists.

The scheduled workshop topics are:

  • The Australian Franchise Sector 
  • Franchise Risk, Loan structuring and Product Development 
  • Winning Strategies in Franchise Lending

The key benefits to lenders include:

  • Helping ensure franchise line bankers are “fit for purpose”
  • Supporting effective franchise risk and portfolio management practices
  • The provision of up to date reference material and ongoing franchise information for business leaders, risk operators and bank legal team).
  • Improved external credibility for franchise business development operators
  • A reduced reliance on updating internal training materials
  • Independent external facilitation, examination and monitoring of ongoing Continuing Professional Development Requirements.
  • Credit Points towards the Certified Franchise Executive program

Successful graduates of the program will qualify for inclusion in the Australian Franchise Registry’s publicly accessible list of Registered Franchise Lending Specialists and will be authorised to use the post nominal “RFLS” in all dealings. Registration will be reviewed annually and subject to 20 units of activity (as approved by the Registry’s lender advisory board). 

For more information on the program and details on the next intake please contact info@thefranchiseregistry.com.au or call 02 8346 6093



  • Tony Cotter
  • Jiwan Garga
  • Karan Saxena
  • Scott Milner


Bank Of QLD

  • Kent Go


Cashflow It

  • James Scurr
  • Dan Toms
  • Chris Thomas



  • Wade Jolly
  • Geoff Day
  • Melissa Faunce
  • Todd Sarris
  • Patrick Nguyen
  • Mick Kuzmanoski
  • Robert Ovin
  • Edwina Maybanks
  • Simon Ovenden
  • Annie Lee


Judo Capital

  • Brett Buccilli
  • Ben Tuszynski
  • Jayne Rennie
  • Simon Hardiman
  • Michael Borlase
  • Karen Thieu
  • Le Tran



  • TBC


Silver Chef

  • Wayne Holmes
  • Anton Constantine



  • Steve Seddon
  • Gavin Burgess
  • Adam Luck
  • Selina Donnelly
  • Leighton Harding
  • Narelle Heavens

Blue Rock FInance

  • Steven Whiteside
  • Alex Theodorou

Independent Registered Franchise Lending Specialists

  • Lu McCulloch
  • Toby Belfort
  • Jason Kloszynski
  • Andrew McAllister
  • Leigh Johnson
  • Debbie Parry





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# The registration fee is non-refundable and covers all administration and delivery costs for the Certificate of Registration. Please refer to our full Terms & Conditions .