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Registered Australian franchise systems are provided with a Certificate of Registration and allocated a Franchise Registration (FRUNS) Number, which they are entitled to quote in all dealings. The term FRUNS stands for (FRANdata Unique Numbering System) which is a coding system that uniquely identifies every brand in Australia that is associated with franchising. All registered Australian franchise systems will be allocated a five digit FRUNS number


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Status 2018 (revisions in progress).

The current status reflects whether the brand has evidenced  that they operate (or continue to operate) as a franchise for the designated year (currently 2018).  As a condition of registration they have provided The Franchise Registry™ with a copy of their current year Franchise Agreement and Disclosure Document.

There are three "status" categories:

  • Confirmed – Current year Franchise Agreement and Disclosure Document have been provided to the Franchise Registry.
  • Pending  – Current year Franchise Agreement and Disclosure Document are being provided to the Franchise Registry within an acceptable time frame or previously confirmed and time has been provided for submission of updated documentation.
  • Not Determined – Existence of current year Franchise Agreement and Disclosure Document has not been established by The Franchise Registry.

Brand Rating

This reflects the star rating outcome achieved by brands under the Australian Franchise Rating Scale.

Lender Profile

Where shown, the AVAILABLE button allows Registered Franchise Lending Specialists to order independent reports and information on the participating franchise system.